Effective emergency response requires a municipal response plan that efficiently mobilizes municipal emergency services and integrates all public and private resources and capabilities. It ensures the correct mixing and coordination of all response elements in a timely and effective manner by providing a high level of control. Within the framework of the existing Emergency Response Plan, it defines the processes and procedures necessary for a rapid response to an emergency. The Municipal Emergency Response Plan identifies and develops the necessary procedures and processes for disaster recovery and the mitigation of future risks.

The Emergency Plan is designed to provide key officials, agencies, and departments with general guidelines for the initial response to an emergency, as well as an overview of everyone’s responsibilities during an emergency. Everyone must be aware of the plan’s contents as well as their designated functions and responsibilities for the plan to be effective. In addition, the Municipal Emergency Response Plan encourages the development of Service Emergency Response Plans, the ongoing review and planning for a variety of emergencies, and the training of those who may be involved in the response.

When an emergency exists but has not yet been declared, municipal employees take whatever actions are necessary under the Municipality’s Emergency Response Plan to safeguard property and the community’s health, safety, and welfare. The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) may be activated for any emergency in order to manage the emergency by maintaining community services and assisting with the emergency response.

Preparing for an emergency is essential, and everyone should do so. By taking a few easy steps, you can become better prepared for a variety of emergencies and lessen their impact on you and your family.

Emergencies can happen at any time. Disaster resilient communities are those in which residents have taken the 3 steps of emergency preparedness.

By preparing now you can avoid panic, protect or limit damage to your property, and possibly save lives if disaster strikes.


Township of Limerick 2018 Emergency Management Program and Response Plan
(Updated Plan coming 2024)