Limerick Community Centre

Limerick Community Centre


outside limerick community centreThe Limerick Community Centre, nestled at 7645 Hwy. 620 in Gilmour, Ontario, stands as a vibrant hub for community engagement and gatherings. Boasting a spacious banquet area, the center provides a welcoming venue for various events and celebrations. The large banquet area is thoughtfully designed to accommodate a range of occasions, from social gatherings and family reunions to community events and cultural festivities.

One of the standout features of the Limerick Community Centre is its fully equipped kitchen, complete with all the modern amenities. This facilitates the seamless execution of culinary endeavors for events held at the center. Whether it’s a community potluck, a wedding reception, or a local festival, the well-appointed kitchen allows for the preparation and serving of delicious meals, enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

Beyond its physical attributes, the Limerick Community Centre serves as a focal point for fostering connections and strengthening community bonds. The welcoming atmosphere and versatile facilities make it an ideal space for residents of Coe Hill, Gilmour and beyond to come together, share experiences, and celebrate the spirit of community.

Reserve Online

Kindly refer to the calendar to view available dates. If the calendar appears empty, it means that those dates are currently open for reservation.

Limerick Community Centre Facility Rental Agreement and Terms and Conditions

  1. The renter is required to have the Permit available for inspection on the date(s) and time(s) specified in the Permit.
  2. The permit holder must be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of the booking and present in the Facility during the permitted rental time. Any person in the Facility under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult and/or Permit holder at all times.
  3. The renter shall be responsible for their participants and guests. Also, the renter must enforce the Terms and Conditions to each individual. No inappropriate use of the space will be tolerated. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions will result in immediate termination of the rental.
  4. If anyone damages the facility or equipment during the rental period, the renter shall pay for the necessary repair/replacement.
  5. Clean Up: Set up and cleanup is the responsibility of the renter and to be done during the reservation period. If extra setup/cleanup time is required, this time must be booked by the renter in advance. If the space is not cleaned to the state in which the space was at the beginning of the rental, the renter will be subject to a $100 cleaning charge. Any required cleaning supplies (broom, multi purpose cleaner) will be made available to the renter by the Township staff. Recycling is mandatory and must be placed in the "correct" disposal containers. All non-recyclable garbage must be removed by the renter.
  6. Doors must be locked, lights off and heat/air conditioning turned down if applicable when rental is finished.
  7. The Township of Limerick is not responsible for lost or damaged property.
  8. If the event includes the serving of alcohol, the renter must acquire a Special Occasion Permit and Personal Alcohol Liability insurance. A photocopy must be given to the Township of Limerick Municipal Office, along with proof of liability of coverage. All servers must have proof of SmartServe certification in order to operate under a Special Occasion Permit.
  9. If kitchen services are required a valid Food Handler Certificate must be provided to the Township prior to the rental. The person holding the Food Handler Certficate must be in attendance during the entire event.
  10. Full payment of space rented is required prior to booking to guarantee rental. A $100.00 refundable deposit (cash or cheque) must be received at time of booking as well. The money will not be refunded until the Facility is inspected by Township Staff and deemed as an acceptable state.
  11. Cancellation: The renter can cancel up to two days prior to their booking to receive 100% refund.
  12. A key code will be provided to the renter on the day of rental and will be active during the rental time. The key code automatically expires at the specified end time of the event.
  13. Sale of refreshments, food and beverages and other items on Township Property is prohibited unless otherwise authorized in the Permit.
  14. All fire exits, fire routes and pedestrian walkways must be kept clear at all times.
  15. Lottery licenses are only issued to charitable or religious organizations, not private individuals. See for more information.

Call 613-474-2863 to arrange payment for booking. Once we have your deposit your booking will be complete. Thank you in advance.

Reserve offline

To secure your reservation at the Limerick Community Centre, simply follow these easy steps. Begin by downloading and completing the Limerick Community Centre Reservation and Rental Information Guide (PDF).

Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, kindly drop off your $100 deposit cheque, payable to Limerick Township, at our convenient location: 89 Limerick Lake Road, Gilmour, Ontario, K0L-1W0. This straightforward process ensures that your reservation is confirmed, and you can look forward to hosting your event at our welcoming and well-equipped facility. If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out to our township staff who will be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

$50.00 for half day, $100 for full day, $125 for kitchen – $100 deposit is required for booking and returned following a passing inspection after the event.

No Alcoholic Beverages and No lottery without appropriate licencing.

Washrooms, WI-FI, Full Kitchen Services, Propane Stove, Dishwasher, All dining necessities (Tables, chairs, dishes, etc)

No, setup and tear down is the responsibility of the renter

Up to 2 days prior to booking to receive a 100% refund on the deposit.

Deposit is required to hold the booking and is returned following inspection to ensure no damages and all terms and conditions on the rental agreement is met.

As far ahead as they like.  We have people who book a year or more in advance.