Tax notices are mailed twice yearly.

The interim billing is mailed in February for March and May installments. Final billing is mailed in June for July and September installments.

These are four separate payments but can be made as multiple payments.

Pre-authorized Payments.


  • Easier on your budget, spread payments out without any special interest or service charges.
  • Save the cost of postage or special trips and line-ups to pay your tax bills.
  • Avoid late payment or worrying about missing due dates.
  • You can choose between making monthly payments or paying instalments on the due dates indicated on the tax bills.


  • You must have no arrears outstanding on your account.
  • Your last assessment must be a full assessment.
  • You do not pay your taxes with your mortgage.



This plan authorizes twelve monthly withdrawals on the 25th of each month, January to December of each year.

January to May withdrawals is based on the prior year taxes divided by twelve. 


Prior Year Taxes Number of Months Monthly Amount Amount Paid

January to May

$2,400 12 $200 $1,000

June to December withdrawals is based on current year taxes, less payments made from January to May.


Current Year Taxes Amount Paid

January to May

Amount remaining for the Current Year Taxes Number of Months Remaining Monthly Amount Amount Paid June to December Total Amount Paid for the Year
$2700 $1000 $1700 7 $242.86 $1700 $2700


  • This plan authorizes tax installment amounts to be withdrawn on specified tax due dates. Enrolment may begin at any time however, taxes must be paid up to date prior to the first deduction.
  • See the Pre-authorized Debit form below.


Cash, Cheques & Debit

Payments can be made in person at the Municipal Office at 89 Limerick Lake Road. We accept cash, cheque, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.

There is an after hours drop box located on the front door of the Municipal Office. (Please leave cheques only).

We do accept US cheques however as the exchange rate changes daily, please pay the “balance due” on your tax notice. Once we deposit your cheque and the exchange rate is determined at that time, the payment is applied to your tax account, and you will have a credit balance. Many times, if a US taxpayer is attempting to “guess” at the exchange rate and makes the cheque for a lesser amount there can sometimes be a balance owing and subsequently interest likely will be added as the full payment wasn’t made.

Online Banking

Property tax payments can also be made through personal online banking. The roll number is the “Account Number” that you would set up. It is the number that starts with 1251. Search for Limerick Township or Township of Limerick or Limerick Twp (taxes) as the “Payee”.

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