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The Township of Limerick is committed to promoting an inclusive community that is dedicated to pursuing healthy and balanced lifestyles for everyone.

Our website is designed with accessibility and user-friendly features in mind for easy access to information.

Accessing our website content

  • Text sizing tool to make font larger or smaller
  • Google Translate for language barriers

Accessibility features for your device

Web browsers, mobile devices and operating systems have built-in accessibility features to optimize:

  • Colours and contrasts
  • Fonts
  • Magnification and text size
  • Mouse pointer visibility
  • Resolutions

Web browsers

Operating systems

The Township of Limerick is committed to accessibility and AODA compliance. As such, Township of Limerick is working to provide accessible information on its website pages and content within. If you are having trouble accessing information on the website or social media accounts please contact the CAO at (613) 474-2863 and they will work with you and internal departments to provide a solution.

The Township of Limerick assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of translations that you perform using third party translation tools such as BrowseAloud, GoogleTM Translate or others. These tools are automated and may make mistakes that a skilled human translator would not otherwise make.